From the basement to the world: How this spin instructor wants to change lives

From the basement to the world: How this spin instructor wants to change lives

I’m in 55 different countries,’ says spinning machine Mike Porter from his basement studio

Mike Porter has 100 different backdrops for his spin class settings, like this one of the Battery in St. John’s.(Fred Hutton/CBC)

Mike Porter wants to help people live healthier lifestyles, and that passion to create change has taken him to his basement.

Sure, it’s not far for him to go, but in his home studio in Portugal Cove-St. Philips, N.L., Porter leads online spin classes on a stationary bicycle around the world, under the banner Positive Edge On-Demand Indoor Cycling. 

“I’m in 55 different countries, probably 20 or 25 different towns all over Newfoundland alone,” he says.

Spinning is a cardio-intense workout on a stationary bike that sees users stand up, sit down, climb simulated hills or coast along flat terrain.

When it starts to hurt, when it starts to get uncomfortable, you’ve got to put something in your head that’s going to push you further and have fun with it.”

Porter moved to Newfoundland from British Columbia about two years ago, and he knew he wanted to continue teaching spin classes, but maybe in a less-than-traditional way.

“The key to me was to be accessible to everybody, regardless of where we are in the world,” Porter told CBC’s St. John’s Morning Show.

“You can do these classes on any bike, any place, any time. My big thing was making it accessible from a price standpoint, from a geographical standpoint, and just from an accessibility standpoint.”

Classes around the globe

Over the last couple of years, Porter has learned a few things about leading virtual classes; he has about 100 different backdrops, different playlists, and more and more lights.

“The user, if they’re doing a class online, they can get fantastic quality,” Porter said.

“One of the things I learned, being a novice with video and cameras is that lights are so important, so again, like everything, it’s been a process and I’ve gradually added more and more lights to make the production that much better

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