Canada Supreme Court rejects Ecuador amends proposal against Chevron

Canada Supreme Court rejects Ecuador amends proposal against Chevron

Canada’s Supreme Court on decleared to hear proposal from a group of Ecuadoran villagers searching report from the Canadian subsidiary of US energy giant Chevron over oil pollution in the Amazon jungle.

The indigenous villagers from central Ecuador want the company to pay for pollution of native lands between 1964 and 1992 by Texaco, a US oil subsidiary the firm bought in 2001.

The decision, for which the court did not offer a reason, puts an end to the group’s attempt to sue Chevron Canada Limited for $9.5 billion bonus.

The original ruling dates back to 2011 and was twice upheld on proposal in Ecuador. But, as a company has no assets in Ecuador, the complainant turned to courts in several other countries — including the US, Canada, Brazil and Argentina — to try and enforce the ruling.

An Ontario claim to court had previously ruled in 2017 that the firm’s Canadian subsidiary was a legally distinct from its US parent company and its assets could not be seized.

The Supreme Court’s decision also comes after an appeals court in The Hague cancelled a September ruling in Ecuador that Chevron pay $9.5 billion in damages.

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