As we know, Canada is a great place for living but it is also best for IT professionals. Canada has a spacious set of opportunities in older and newer software set of technologies.

For instance:-  Firstly the older- Java, J2EE, SAP, IBM, ORACLE, .NET Secondly the newer-Hadoop, SAP Hana, Mobile applications etc…

And if we talk about cities where a person can find out jobs in abovely mentioned (Technologies) .These cities are in Canada:- Vancouver, Montreal, Alberta, Calgary, Edmonton and nowadays Toronto.

Precisely – Vancouver, Alberta, Montreal have a great share in IT jobs. Basically Vancouver is like the silicon valley of Canada.

The major cities in Canada which provide the highest number of jobs to IT professionals & can say software engineers and developers etc…These are: Toronto, Montreal and Calgary .

Toronto:- Overhere lots of financial head Quarters’s      toronto .It means there are number of software jobs options are available in the finance sector. And also consider the reginal HQs of global solution companies – Accenture, IBM etc…

Montreal:- Fastest growing and popular technologies such as – Artificial Intelligence,Machine Learning ,Deep Learning etc… considered Montreal.Some studies terms say-“AI is the capital of world”.

Calgary :- Highest frequency of corporate HQ of oil & gas considered in Calgary. There is also need a number of software/IT skilled workers to keep the engines running.

And there salary is also effective & highest among the major Canadian cities.Vancouver :- Important thing is – Huge pool of talent resulting in vying wage, but with the high cost of living.

I want to suggest going through the in-demanded skills in software as well as salary survey/compilation for IT jobs across the Canada and see the plan & move to yourself accordingly.

Salary guidance is:- I found that has city-wise breakdown of IT jobs, their demands and the salaries they get for each profile.

Apart from everything job is important to make a beautiful life but only one part to decide which place keeps you happy and provide statisification at your best.Before deciding all other elements like – family, friends, activities, your interests weather, and than make move etc…Because these all things play a very curious role in our life.

Hope it helps…

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