Live Review: Muse deliver unmatched rock spectacle in Toronto,Canada…

Live Review: Muse deliver unmatched rock spectacle in Toronto,Canada…

Often, last minute decision, tonight I attended the latest arena spectacular by rock legends Muse in Toronto, Canada.

The show comes off the back of their latest record Simulation Theory, with the tour in question given the same name. Hype articles have been floating around over the last few weeks talking about how the current arena show is the most ambitious the band have ever undertaken. I think I read somewhere that the band said they’d “finally gone too far”.

Well I’ll be the judge of that.

They kicked off the show with support from Walk The Moon – the Ohio quartet who found early success with tracks like “Anna Sun” and have at some times has Australia’s own Lachlan West touring with them (though not here). They’re poppier than Muse, but similarly synth-laden songs like “Kamikaze” don’t feel out of place. Radio friendly pop gems like “One Foot” and of course their mega hit “Shut Up and Dance” does feel too pop for the room, but they get a great reception. They provided a stunning segue to close the set, with the rocking “Headphones”, featuring a Led Zeppelin interlude, no less.

After a half hour intermission, which included a good dose of the Stranger Things soundtrack to set a certain vibe, the trio (+ Morgan) emerged to “Algorithm”, with twelve lit up, dancing horns players helping bring Bellamy to the stage from the depths, ahead of “Pressure” and the rock in “Psycho”, where the trombonists were lit up in the crowd, sans trombones.

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