Nescafe is going open permanent sleep cafe in Tokyo, blending catnaps with caffeine

Nescafe is going open permanent sleep cafe in Tokyo, blending catnaps with caffeine

There’s possibly no country that needs to celebrate World Sleep Day more than Japan does.

Overtime culture and societal engagements keep people in Japan up way past their natural bedtimes, and so World Sleep Day – which happens every year on the Friday before the Spring Equinox – is a welcome reminder to catch some well-needed Zs.

This year, coffee conglomerate Nescafe is prepared for the festivities.

Once again they’re running one of their “sleep cafes”, and this year they’ve chosen Oimachi in Tokyo as their prime snoozing spot, with the cafe opening its doors on March 6.

But this latest cafe is special – unlike previous pop-up sleep cafes run by the company, this one is here to stay.

Previous cafes run by Nescafe have following things like;-

–  starred luxurious,

–  high-quality mattresses, and

–  rooms with dimmed lights to create ideal napping spots.

The new Oimachi installation is no exception. Customers will even be permitted to choose their preferred hardness for the —- mattresses and pillows,

– select relaxing music and lighting, and

– can use an eyemask that will monitor their sleep patterns (for their own reference).

– You can nap on an adjustable mattress, or doze in a leather reclining chair.

Various smart light fixtures in a pretty palette of colors customize your experience.

You can choose from numerous courses at the cafe, from a 30-minute nap course (750 yen plus tax) to a 180-minute sleep course (4,950 yen plus tax).

The reclining leather chairs are only available for the nap course – all other courses assume you want the full immersive mattress experience.

All courses come with at least one cup of coffee, even the nap course, where a regular cup is offered right before you take your 30-minute siesta. In the sleep courses a cup of decaffeinated coffee is offered before you rest, and a caffeinated one is provided once you wake up – just to make sure you’re REALLY invigorated as you head back out.

With a great selection of sleep cafes already available in Tokyo, there are fewer and fewer reasons to deprive yourself of a good night’s sleep…and at the Nescafe Sleep Cafe, you’ll be able to enjoy it with a side of coffee.

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