Japanese girls consider S Korea rather than Disneyland for most desirable graduation trip: Survey

Japanese girls consider S Korea rather than Disneyland for most desirable graduation trip: Survey

Especially for young women, Tokyo Disneyland has been the place where the high school grads want to celebrate their graduation. That’s no surprise when the amusement park is affordable, easy to get to and always full of fun parades and events. Disneyland’s reign as the top destination has been surprisingly take over by South Korea, this year.

As part of a recent survey by H.J. Inc, owner of the online high school student network Kokosei Lab 47, 513 graduating high school girls from all across Japan were asked where they want to go for their graduation trip and south Korea was named as the number one spot.

The girls weren’t asked what their reasons were for choosing South Korea, but H.J. Inc has a few ideas, mainly involving social media. For starters, South Korea offers a delightful array of delicious and unique, street food, with previous standouts including French-fry stuffed corn dogs and Pikachu-shaped fried cutlets. Street food is easy to find in even the heart of Seoul and can be chewing on while shopping and strolling around. Most importantly, it’s often perfectly Instagram-worthy, which, for many Japanese high school girls, is a major priority.

Generally, South Korea has major appeal on social media. There is plenty of sightseeing to do, lots of picturesque spots to see. Lots of trendy shops and restaurants to explore. That makes for a selfie-lover’s dream come true!

But Tokyo Disneyland has all of these things and more. Why Japanese high school girls picking South Korea over Disney these days? It might have something to do with K-Pop. With superstar groups like BTS making waves all around the world, it’s hard to believe that Japanese fangirls wouldn’t liking the chance to visit the group’s native country.

On another note, Korean beauty products are also hot on the Japanese market right now. Companies like Etude House; with cute and creative designs like Kit-Kat eye shadow are causing waves on social media with their attractive marketing campaigns. Some Korean beauty companies have products that are only available in Korea and they tend to be cheaper than Japanese products, so there are plenty of reasons for young beauty fan to want to go there.

By the way, ranking as the third “most desirable graduation trip” was Hawaii, followed by Guam. Then, sadly, by Universal Studios Japan, who despite their constant stream of awesome anime, movie and video game collaborations, still can’t seem to keep up with Disneyland, at least in the eyes of high school girls.

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