For shorter business hours 7-Eleven store owners submit request

For shorter business hours 7-Eleven store owners submit request

Due to lack of workers, availability store franchise owners have increasingly dealing with the difficulty of operating their businesses 24 hours a day. On Wednesday, 2 representatives from the labor union of franchise convenience store owners visited 7-Eleven Japan Co’s joint office in Tokyo.

To discuss reducing the 24 hour services currently offered nationwide.

In Higashi-Osaka city, a dispute between the convenience store operator and a franchisee progress comes in the middle. As Fuji TV reported, the operator started closing his store between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. on Feb 1 due to a staff shortage.

The owner, Sanetoshi Matsumoto, 57, being give approval for 17 million yen by 7-Eleven Japan Co for allegedly breaking his contract. He said he had to shorten business hours because he didn’t have enough part-time workers. He was having to work up to 16 hours a day and feared for his health.

According to the union’s request submitted on Wednesday, franchise owners criticized the current difficulty in changing business hours which requires company permission. The lack of attention given to owners when it comes to flexibility in adjusting the 24 hour service standard.

The owners are collectively requesting the major convenience store chain to allow shortened hours in cases where there is a shortage of part-time workers or where stores are in areas subject to heavy snowfall, for example, making it hard for staff and customers to reach the store.

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