Ski-jumping- Japanese men’s wins bronze in team event

Ski-jumping- Japanese men’s  wins bronze in team event

Ski-Jumping- The Four Hill Tournament has taken place every year since 1953. Overall World Cup leader Ryoyu Kobayashi has been in tremendous form the recent weeks.

Japan has won bronze in the men’s large hill ski-jumping team event in Innsbruck, Austria. Germany won gold and Austria picked up silver.

It is Japan’s first medal in this year’s Nordic World Ski Championships and its first in the team event at the biennial tournament since 2009.

Twelve teams of four ski-jumpers took part in the event.
Ryoyu Kobayashi, Junshiro Kobayashi, Daiki Ito and Yukiya Sato represented Japan.

The Kobayashi brothers both reached 127 meters with their first-round ski-jumps, placing the team third after Germany and Austria.

In the second round, Japan was in third place with Ryoyu Kobayashi the last competitor to go in ski-jumping.

He managed to jump 123 meters despite difficult tail winds. The team held on to the bronze medal place with 920.2 points in ski-jumping.

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