Japanese Singer; Chiemi Hori Reveals advanced tongue Cancer

Japanese Singer; Chiemi Hori Reveals advanced tongue Cancer

52-years-old Japanese singer and TV personality Chiemi Hori, revealed she has been diagnosed with the most advanced-stage oral cancer, and will soon undergo surgery.

According to the post, Hori found a small mouth ulcer on the back of her tongue, and received medication and vitamin pills at a hospital last summer.

The pain and itching in her mouth grew worse even after she underwent laser surgery at a local hospital, and the blisters eventually spread to the left side of her tongue, she posted.

On Jan 21, Hori went to a university hospital and was told that there was a high chance she had cancer. She was admitted to the hospital for medical examination.

The results of the examination were made available on Feb 4, and Hori was diagnosed with stage 4 oral cavity cancer that had spread to the lymph nodes in her neck.

Hori checked into hospital on Tuesday and will have surgery on Friday

She says she must live on for her family, and that she has decided to take on a long, grueling battle.

Hori says she wants to move ahead with a positive mindset. She vowed to fight to the best of her ability and come back to sing again in front of her fans.

Hori made her debut as a singer in 1982. She has also acted in TV dramas.

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