Spring blossoms in Japan

Spring blossoms in Japan

Spring blossoms in Japan is definitely plum blossom. In Japanese, it is also known as “Ume.” The flower is uniquely beautiful and often by the legendary sakura or cherry blossoms.

Tokyo and Kyoto are considered the most popular destinations to view plum blossom in the country.

Tokyo and Kyoto together offer endless discoveries and breathtaking experiences that you can’t find in other countries.

Plum Blossoms in Kyoto

The entire Kyoto prefecture boasts a rich variety of plum blossoms spread on the grounds of many temples & shrines including public parks, in which millions of nature fanatics walk around to enjoy the outdoor nature of early spring beauty to the fullest.

There are some interesting places in Kyoto that are well known to see ume. these are;

1) Kitano Tenmangu Shrine

2) Kyoto Imperial Palace

3) Zuishin-in Temple

4) Nijo Castle

Kyoto Plum Blossoms

 It is really hard to compare Kyoto with Hokkaido.

These two places are hugely popular for there tourism.

Kyoto is home to many famous Japanese Buddhist temple & shrinesold streets, traditional Japanese gardens, and matsuri.

On the other hand, Hokkaido is famous for its snow festivals. For example ramen, summer flower field of Furano, wildlife, hiking and mountains.

Kyoto’s endless attractions of each season with wonderful nature. They are just a perfect destination that you should consider visiting this year in early spring.

Anyone who is searching for a perfect holiday destination to enjoy an early hanami atmosphere there, must arrive on time (based on the blooming forecast).

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