Kyoto: Muslim women can rent ‘wagara’ hijabs to match kimonos

Kyoto: Muslim women can rent ‘wagara’ hijabs to match kimonos

Kyoto is specially rich with opportunities to rent kimonos, and rental shops catering to tourists continue to open around the city.

Many female tourists from abroad visit Japan and rent beautiful Kimonos for a photo shoot or to enjoy a leisurely stroll in a traditional Japanese neighbourhood.

 A Japanese garden or perhaps on the grounds of a famous temple or shrine is a popular activity, and one which truly allows them to get a sense of experiencing the best of Japanese culture.

Provide Kimono to Muslim Tourists;

Yumeyakata Kimono rental shop in Kyoto, understand and provide Kimonos to the Muslim women.

 So that, they can enjoy the experience even more if their hizab did not clash or stand out in the contrast with the kimonos they were renting.

Therefore, as a new item available in their shop, they have begun renting out specially made hijabs printed in wagara (Japanese pattern) designs which perfectly match their kimonos.

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