Japanese same-sex couples sue for equal rights

Japanese same-sex couples sue for equal rights

Thirteen same-sex couples are filling the Japan’s first lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of the country’s rejection of same-sex marriage.

The Valentine day lawsuits to be filled in Tokyo and in other courts around the country on Thursday argue that the law violates same-sex couples’ constitutional rights to equality. They want the Government to follow example of many other nation in guaranteeing marital freedom.

Ten Japanese municipalities enacted “partnership” ordinance for same sex couples to make it easier for them to rent apartments together, among other things, but they are not legally binding.

Hiding Sexuality

Many LGBT people hide their sexuality, fearing prejudice at home, school or work.

The obstacles are worse for transgender people, who face extra difficulties including a requirement they be sterilized to marry someone of the same birth sex.

Sexual Diversity

Some companies have adopted policy to extend employee benefits to their same-sex partners. A few women’s universities announced  they can start accepting male-to-female transgender applicants, and some schools are allowing both boys and girls to choose between trousers and skirts. Increasingly, genderless public toilets are becoming available for “everyone”.

Pressures for change are mounting

The primary goal of the lawsuits filled on Thursday is to win marital equality for same-sex couples. But transgender people are also hoping for such a change, which would eliminate the need for anyone to sterilized just so they can get married.

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